5 Tips To Prepare For The Labor Day Sales Event

Labor Day weekend is one of the highest car-sale periods of the year. This is a great time to buy a new car because dealerships need to push current year models out to make room for 2017 vehicle models. The manufacturers know these holidays drive in traffic and is a good opportunity to get some more purchases, so keep your eyes open for discounts and rebates.

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Be sure to test drive

Test driving multiply cars before you decide to buy is the best way to expand your knowledge of different car models. The car that looks stylish and fast may not handle as well as you wished, also it may be missing some features you were expecting like a rear backup camera. After a test drive you’ll be more confident with your purchase and won’t cause anxiety from feeling unprepared.


Do your research

Make sure you take the time to research what trim levels the vehicle offers and what features you want. When understand what the car offers and have some information about it, you’ll be more prepared to tell the sales associate what you want while making  the whole car buying experience a lot easier. Researching average price points as well, there are plenty of sites that can supply you with information about pricing. It’s important to know the invoice price, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, and the average amount paid in the area.


Credit Score

Knowing your credit score before purchasing a vehicle is super important, particularly when you’re financing a vehicle. Loan lenders will use your credit  score to determine if you’re a worthy candidate to approve, what percentage to finance the vehicle purchase at, and what interest rate to apply to a loan. Make sure to print out a copy of your credit report to make sure there aren't any mistakes that could cause a problem with your purchase.


Pre-approved auto loan

We can’t stress enough about how important it is to secure pre-approved financing from one of your local credit unions or banks. This will prove you’re serious about purchasing a vehicle and safe you a ton of time at the dealership. This will lock in your budget and help you avoid upgrades while keeping your loan rate low.


Don’t feel pressured

Always remember you’re in charge of the car-buying experience. Even if you spend half the day getting the vehicle of your dreams to that ideal price point, you always have the options of walking away. Give yourself some time to think about the deal in the comfort of your house if you’re feeling pressured at a dealership.

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