Why Buying an Ex-Fleet Car Is a Good Idea

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Buying an ex-fleet car might seems far fetched and impractical to most people.

Here are five reasons why purchasing one can actually be a good deal. We compiled these surprising discoveries from Carsguide.com.

 1. Most fleet cars are in good condition. Employees tend to be careful with fleet vehicles because they don’t want to compromise their job or have to explain any damage to their bosses.

 2. Fleet cars nowadays are no longer cheap, base models. The advent of user-chooser fleets with novated leasing and other factors (such as poor resale of basic cars) have increased the quality and breadth of fleet cars.

 3. Used car dealerships often sell ex-fleet models. They are also available at auction houses that either sell them under the hammer or at fixed prices.

 4. One positive of buying a fleet car relates to maintenance. It is not always the case but fleet cars, especially in larger fleets, are usually serviced at the makers’ prescribed intervals.

 5. Fleet managers generally make sure the maintenance occurs in a timely fashion, as it is not in the interest of a company to have a car off the road with a problem. Major fleets also know that a poorly-maintained vehicle will not be worth much when the time comes to sell it.

Carsguide.com also gives some tips and advice, when buying an ex-fleet car.

- If you bid for a car at auction, it is possible you will get a bargain, although you may miss out if someone else wants that particular car enough to outbid you.

- A car with a set price might be the better bet if you have your heart set on a particular model because no one will outbid you.

- It is imperative that you check the service history of any vehicle you intend to purchase. If it doesn’t have a history, it may not have had the correct work done and you could be buying a major headache.

- Having a reputable company, such as NRMA, carry out a pre-purchase check is worth considering. If you can, driving the vehicle you are interested in is also worthwhile.

- Do your homework and check when the next major service is due on the vehicle.

- Remember, not all the services are the same. Some are minor, while others require replacement of major components such as camshaft timing chains or CV joints. You might even be able to buy a car that still has warranty time left, which allows you to get it sorted before the cover runs out.

- Look for any signs of smoking, wear-and-tear in the boot area (especially in wagons) and check underneath for signs if it has been used off-road.

- Fleet cars are used for many purposes, some of which require special equipment.

- Keep an eye out for cars fitted with extras you might benefit from. Make sure they are part of the sale and are not removed before you take delivery.

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