Tips To Manage Fleet Risk

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Tips To Manage Fleet Risk

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Here you will find some helpful tips and advice for those seeking to implement a risk management process for their businesses. Foremost in mind should be to include EVERYONE who drives a company vehicle, a short-term hire vehicle or a staff member who drives their own vehicle for business purposes. This means anyone driving on official company business should be included in your risk management plan.

You need to put a procedure in place for all those involved to adhere to. Your risk management plan should cover the following:

1. Driver Handbook - The Driver Handbook should provide all the necessary information regarding your company’s driving policy and the expected decorum of your staff/employees (e.g. use of mobile phones, prohibition of drug and alcohol use, vehicle checks, employee breaks, etc.) The Driver Handbook should be produced and distributed to all concerned. Have your staff/employees sign an acknowledgment form stating that they’ve read, understood and accepted the terms of your Driver Handbook. Make sure to frequently update the handbook as well, if there are changes made to its content.

 2. Driver License Checks - Make sure that your staff/employees have a current driver’s license stating the proper class/category for the vehicle that they are driving (e.g. Employees driving vehicles that weigh 26,001 lbs. or greater should have a Class A Commercial Driver’s License).

 3. Online Risk Assessments and Driver Training - Online driver risk assessments will help your company meet its legal obligations, at the same time identify those who need further training. High-risk drivers should be provided with on-road driver training; medium-risk drivers should take online driving training courses; low-risk drivers usually don’t need further training. 

 4. Grey Fleet - This covers individuals who drive their own vehicles for business use. Grey fleets must present documentation that they are safe and legal to use, especially since registration, maintenance and repairs are out of the company’s jurisdiction.

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